American Sign Language

Teachers Association


FASLTA Distinguished Service Award

1. Must have been a member in good standing of FASLTA for at least two years.
2. Must have contributed directly or indirectly to the sustenance and growth of FASLTA as a professional organization.
3. Must be currently working in an (or related to) ASL teaching field in any setting.
4. Must demonstrate leadership skills-either capability or in future potential.

Babs Coulston (Founder) 1998
Mike Ernest (Founder) 1998
Glenna Ashton 2004
Mike Tuccelli 2005
Shawn Olmstead 2006
Alysse Rasmussen 2007
Rose Adams 2008
Cheryl Zuckerman 2009
None 2010
None 2011
Marika Robinson 2012
Rey Vega 2013
Barbara Chaves 2014
Beverly Stokem 2015
Cindi Jacobs 2016
William "Bo" Clements 2017

Data will be updated as it becomes available

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Last update: 8/3/2018