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Board of Directors ...

Martin Galloway
Vice President
... Michael Stultz
Elias Goutoufas
... Cindi Jacobs
North Director
Babs Coulston
Central Director
Marika Robinson
South Director
... Reinaldo (Rey) J Vega
Past President
... William "Bo" Clements

Bios of Board Members...

Martin Galloway Martin Galloway is the current FASLTA president. He obtained a Master's degree in Deaf Education from McDaniel College (Westminster, MD), Bachelor's degree in Finance from the University of Florida (Gainesville, FL), and an Associate of Arts degree from St. Petersburg College (Clearwater, FL). Currently, he works as an assistant professor while overseeing the ASL program as the department chair at Daytona State College (Daytona Beach). Additionally, he is also the advisor for the ASL Club taking on the role of admin for the social media page fro the club. He was born Deaf with an older Deaf brother to tow hearing parents. Growing up, he shuttled between Florida and Delaware where his father and mother lived, respectively. He began his schooling at FSDB (Florida School for the Deaf) and then enrolled at DSD (Delaware School for the Deaf) before mainstreaming full time in 3th-4th grade. HE now resides in the beautiful city of St. Augustine with his wife and two children. His current hobbies include camping and traveling and his mission in life to make a positive impact within the Deaf and ASL community.

Michael Stultz I grew up on a farm in Indiana and attended the Indiana School for the Deaf. I graduated from Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry in 1989. I was a member of the Gallaudet Basketball team for four years. I received my Master of Arts in Deaf Education at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland in 1992.

I taught for 18 years at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf in Washington, D.C., the Missouri School for the Deaf and The Florida School for the Deaf, in the subjects of science and drama.

I was twice selected as a player on the U.S. Deaf Olympic basketball teams during the years of 1985 (Los Angeles, U.S.) and 1992 (Bulgaria). I received gold medals at both games.

My wife, Jessica who is also deaf and I have two hearing children, Nicholas and Mara. We reside in St. Augustine. My hobbies include kayaking, puttering around in our flower and butterfly gardens, wildlife/landscape photography, backpacking and reading science-related books/magazines.

I currently teach ASL classes at the University of North Florida since 2007 and was promoted to director of the program three years ago. I have a certification on the American Council Teaching Foreign Language ASL Interviewer and Rater since 2008. I am on the Florida Standards Assessment - ASL Bias Committee. I am on the Board of Director Team of the Florida Deaf Art Show for two years. I am also a Florida Association of the Deaf Scholarship Chair and a vice president of the Florida ASL Teachers Association.

Elias Goutoufas , a fourth-generation native of Tampa, Florida, graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing. Following graduation, he worked as a marketing researcher for several years. He returned to college and subsequently received a Master of Education degree in Deaf and Hard of Hearing education at the University of Minnesota. As a third-generation teacher, Mr. Goutoufas (pronounced as "goo-TOO-fas") has been in the field of Deaf and Hard of Hearing education for sixteen years until 2014. Mr. Goutoufas is presently employed at Pasco eSchool as an online ASL teacher. He also teaches American Sign Language classes at Hillsborough Community College as an adjunct instructor. Teaching is his lifetime passion.

Mr. Goutoufas now serves as the secretary of the Florida American Sign Language Teachers Association. Mr. Goutoufas currently holds both an ASL endorsement and ASLTA Qualified certification. Thanks to his immersion in the Deaf world, he also scored a rating of Superior Plus on the SLPI: ASL in July 2010. His other certifications include Hearing Impaired K-12, Exceptional Student Education K-12, Reading Endorsement and Mathematics 6-12.

As a Deaf person, Elias has been actively involved in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. He also has a young Deaf brother and an older hearing sister. Elias enjoys reading, swimming and socializing with his friends and family. He has a Sheltie named Galaxy; Shelties are his favorite breed of dog.

Cindi Jacobs was introduced to sign language when she was 18 years old in high school inclusion (SEE). She has taught sign language classes for over 40 years. Varied places - Massachusetts Speech-Language Hearing Association, Boston Language Institution, Lesley University (with credits), Adult Education under school department and private tutoring. Cindi was adjunct instructor at Palm Beach State college. She earned her B.A. of Psychology from Cambridge College on January 1995. Cindi worked at Horace Mann School for the Deaf in Allston, Mass as teacher aide for 19 years, taught deaf studies to middle school students for several years. Plus storytelling to elementary children from the children's book -- (SRP) Shared Reading Project with parents of deaf children. Played an actress "Grandmother for The Napping House" for DVD. After retiring, Cindi worked as a substitute teacher in Palm Beach County and retired last January 2015. She served as Chairperson membership for (FAD) Florida Association membership from 2009-2013, and currently as Treasurer of FASLTA since February 2013. She ran FINGO games on first Saturday monthly at (PBCAD) Palm Beach County Association of the Deaf in Lake Worth, FL for 8 years. She is currently taking up Tai Chi for over one year.

Babs Coulston 3rd generation of Deaf family. Graduated from Rochester School for the Deaf, Rochester, NY. Studied Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology (grant from General Dynamics where I was employed). Moved to Tampa, FL in 1979. Employed as an engineer at Reimelt (German) Company.

1980-2007. ASL teaching. First Deaf ASL adjunct at University of South Florida, Hillsborough Community College, St Petersburg College and Continue Education classes. ASL Tutor for many years.

Founded FSIGN chapter in the year of 1988. FSIGN renamed as FASLTA in the year of 1992.

I was elected as a President 1988-1994 and Vice President 1994-1988.

Retired and moved to St. Augustine, FL.

Renee Geary Renee is in her 21st year of teaching and has taught at FSDB, The Learning Center for Deaf, and Preparatory School at the National Deaf Academy (NDA). She has taught Photography, Reading/Literature, Earth Science, Deaf Studies, Life Skills, elementary academic courses and other electives. Currently Renee is in her third year of teaching ASL at Hagerty High School. She also has taught ASL at Flagler College, The Learning Center for Deaf, and NDA. Furthermore, she was ASL Coordinator at NDA. Renee holds two Masters Degrees, one in Deaf Education from Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) and one in Educational Technology from Gallaudet University. Prior to her graduate studies, Renee received her BA Degree from Gallaudet University, where she majored in T.V., Film and Photography and minored in Communication Arts. Renee has her Florida certifications for Hearing Impaired K-12, Educational Media Technology Pre-K-12, as well has her ASL Endorsement. She is working on obtaining ASLTA certification. Renee enjoys traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.

Reinaldo (Rey) J. Vega, M.Ed Rey was born in Florida and lives mainly in West Palm Beach all of his life. He is profoundly deaf and attended public mainstreamed schools with a Deaf/HH Program. Rey has a Master's Degree in Special Education-Deaf Education from UNF along with Florida Educator's Certificates in Mathematics 6-12 and Hearing Impaired K-12 with a K-12 ASL endorsement. He obtained his RID-CDI in February, 2006 and his FLA ASL Endorsement in August, 2007. He also achieved American Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA) Professional-level certification in the summer of 2011.

Rey has been teaching the Deaf/Hard of Hearing for over 13 years, the majority of which was in public high schools in Osceola and Palm Beach Counties. In addition, he has taught ASL adult community Level 1-2 classes part-time over two years; ASL 1-4, both part-time and full-time in three high schools for 3.5 years overall. Currently, he has been teaching ASL classes at Palm Beach State College for several years as adjunct, ASL and Deaf Studies classes at Miami-Dade College as adjunct for over 8 years, and ASL classes at Indian River State College for over 6 years.

Rey has held membership in Palm Beach County Association of the Deaf (PBCAD), FAD, NAD, FASLTA, ASLTA, FRID and RID since year 2000. He was a former Florida Association of the Deaf (FAD) Member-at-Large for 2 terms (4 years) and Secretary for one term (2 years). He completed his two-year term as 2nd Vice President of Florida Registry Interpreters for the Deaf (FRID) in October, 2013. He was Vice-President for 3 terms (6 years) and President for the first 9 months in 2015 of Florida American Sign Language Teachers Association (FASLTA).

William "Bo" Clements As current president of the Florida ASL Teachers Association, Bo holds ASLTA Professional level certification. He has taught ASL studies at the University of South Florida in Tampa Bay as an "ASL Signologist" - (joke) - for almost 19 years. Bo is a graduate of Gallaudet University with a B.A. degree and also holds an M.S. degree from Florida State University. He is active in the Tampa Bay Deaf Community, and presents workshops at local businesses, such as Chase Corporate - Banks, to eduate their employees about Deaf Culture and how best to communicate with their Deaf and Hard of Hearing co-workers and customers via ASL. Bo loves Modern Art, collecting tiki figures, going to the beach, and traveling. He recently adopted a DODA (Dog of Deaf Adults): golden retriever - Ryley. Ryley already knows 15+ signs at the age of 5 months!




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