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February 16-18, 2018 in Tampa, FL
"30th Anniversary of FASLTA & 200th Anniversary of ASL and Deaf Culture"

Byron Bridges - Keynote Address / Teaching ASL in High School / So How Do I Teach THAT? / Entertainment Night - FOR YOUR EYES ONLY
Panel Discussion (Dr. Glenna Ashton, Bo Clements, Babs Coulston, & Dr Mike Ernest) - Past, Present, & Future of FASLTA
Rose Adams - How Do I Teach Classifiers to Beginners
Dr Glenna Ashton - Deaf Culture Interactive Review
Keri Brooks - Teaching ASL Grammar for Student Success
Dr Mike Ernest - Token, Surrogate, 3-D in ASL Space
Frania Franch - The Real Way to Interpret with Deaf-Blind People
Patricia McCarthy - How to incorporate movies into your ASL classroom?
Kim R Nichols - Accelerate ASL / Is it Too Late to learn ASL? NEVER
Beverly Stokem - Visual Activities for ASL Learners
Kisha Hymes and Tessa Ward Ashe - ASL Cooperative Learning Activities Using 100% Of The Target Learning Part 1 & 2
Mary Burns Rogers - ASL in Mathematics / Classifiers Visualization Challenge - For ASL Students only

September 16-18, 2016 in Tampa, FL
"Spread and Share the Spirit of Teaching ASL"

Missy Keast - Keynote Address / Why do we need to accept technology to teach? / ASL Evolves / Entertainment Night - One Woman Show in ASL
Glenna Ashton - Deaf Culture Trivia Activity
Bo Clements - APPsolulely of ASL
Frania Franch - Exposure ASL students to Deaf Blind
Elias Goutoufas - Positivie Signs of Online Teaching
Jackie Haig - Spirit of ASL: Non-manual markers
Marika Robinson - Psyche of Hand Shapes
Beverly Stokem - Learning Visual Acuity through Games
Samantha Thomas - Playing toward Proficiency
Rey Vega - Characterizing Yourself, the ASL style

September 25-27, 2015 in Daytona Beach, FL
"ASL: Honoring the Past, Treasuring the Present, Shaping the Future"

Jim Lipsky - Keynote Address--Partnership: Who? / What You May Not Know About Fingerspelling / ASL Linguistics for ASL Teachers
Bo Clements and Marika Robinson - The Audism Epidemic: Mutating
Erik Hoover - Elevating ASL as an Academic Language
Felicia Williams - Diversity
Sam Harris - Shaping the Future with Cloud-based Video Platform for ASL and Interpreting Courses
Shawn Olmstead - Kindle for the Fire: Fueling Your Teaching Passion
Tricia Anne McCarthy - Deaf Literature in the Classroom
Bo Clements - ASLTA Certifications

February 14 - 16, 2014 in Orlando, FL
"Working Together: Building an Alliance For The Next 25 Years"

Tricia McCarthy - Holidays and ASL & Teaching/Learning in Groups
Jason Zinza - Keynote Address
Dr. Eddy F. Laird - Becoming an Ally of the Deaf Community
Dr. Greta Knigga-Daugherty - Teaching ASL in the Flipped classroom
Dr. Lisa Godfrey- 25 Activities for the ASL Classroom
Bradley Dale & Terri Bugler - Incorporating State/regional signs into your ASL Curriculum
Christine Poyner - Skill Building Activities to keep Students Engaged
Bo Clements - Nuance of Sign Language

Feb. 15-17, 2013 in Deerfield Beach, FL
"The 1st 25: Hands Across the Ages"

Barbara Chaves - Show & Tell Shareshop
Sharon Lott - Keynote Address, Getting a Grip on Fingerspelling
Jason Zinza - Teaching ASL Literature: Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Techniques
Robert Rivera - SMI Presents: Storyteller
Craig Levitt - Developing an ASL Curriculum that Works
Alysse Rasmussen - Flip It! how to Make Sure your Flipped Classroom Doesn't Flop
Shasta Grimes - FLA ASL classes and Online Resources
Glenna Ashton & Alysse Rasmussen - Professional Preparation: FL's Leadership in teaching ASL

February 17-19, 2012, Tampa
"Vision - Action - Results"

Workshops: Show & Tell (share activities!)
Flagler College's ASL program (Jer Loudenback)
Values & Norms of the Deaf Culture (Bo Clements)
Critical Pedagogy for ASL Instruction (Marika Robinson, Beth Carlson)
Simulations: An Effective Strategy to Get Students to Use the Target Language (Jason Zinza)
ASL Resources (Jer Loudenback)
Deaf Community (Bo Clements)
ASLTA Certification (Glenna Ashton)
Entertainment: Keith Wann PG-13, SMI Literary Society, and social time to share ideas with other ASL teachers.

February 25-27, 2011, Jacksonville
"Make It Real"

Workshops: ABCs of Storytelling in L2 Instruction (Kim Nichols)
ASL Endorsement & ASLTA Certification (panel)
There's a National Honor Society for MY Students? (Tricia McCarthy)
Deaf Realia (Alysse Rasmussen)
Filmmaking Workshop (Patti Durr)
Glog FOR-FOR++? (Tricia McCarthy)
Hands-On Activities for ASL (Bev Stokem)
Using Rubrics in Your ASL Class (Kim Pudans-Smith)
Using Smartboards in the ASL Classroom (Tricia McCarthy)
YODA SPEAK: The Saga Continues (Barbara Chaves, Kathy Bingham, Shawn Olmstead)
Entertainment: Movie "Black Sand" and a series of short films introduced by Patti Durr, SMI Literary Society

February 12-14, 2010, Tampa
"New Frontiers"
Workshops: Language & Culture Activities (Jason Zinza), ASLTA's New Standards (Jason Zinza), ASL Line (Theater) (Rey Vega), ASLTA Updates (Glenna Ashton), Moodle and ASL (Rob Nielson), Why Are You Taking This Class? (Bo Clements), YODA Speak (Shawn Olmstead), ASL Portfolios (Shawn Olmstead), ASL & Holiday Activities (Tricia McCarthy), Deaf Literature In The Classroom (Tricia McCarthy), ASLHS Info (Tricia McCarthy), Developing Lessons with the 5 Cs (Sharon Lane), Activities & Icebreakers (Gracie Wilken-Yoder)
SMI Literary Society

February 13-15, 2009, West Palm Beach
"Visualize & Communicate"
Workshops: How IS Are We (Intercultural Sensitivity)? (Alysse Rasmussen), Let's Chat In ASL! (Tricia McCarthy), New Activities For Experienced Teachers (Tricia McCarthy), P.A.L.S. Performance Assessment for Language Students (Cheri Martinez), Polish Up on Fingerspelling and Numbers (José Granda), Sharing the Communication (Jer Loudenback), Charing the Vision (Jer Loudenback), Task-Based Langauge Teaching For ASL (Cathi Bouton), Teaching Learning In Groups (Tricia McCarthy), YouTube? You Got It! (Shawn Olmstead, Gracie Wilken-Yoder)
Entertainment: Show by E. Lynn Jacobowitz, SMI Literary Society, The Night Owl Social.

February 15-17, 2008, Jacksonville
"Curriculum, History, Technology" (FASLTA's 20th Anniversary)
Workshops: ASL Literature: Classic Folklore Stories (Camille Lorello), Brain-based Learning for Success in ASL (Alysse Rasmussen), Instructional Activities & Assessment for Master ASL! in the HS Classroom (Lisa Layton), Lights! Camera! and ASL in the Classroom (Camille Lorello), Sociolinguistics and ASL Research (James Pope), Capture Your ASL Students With Hands-On Activities (Sharon Lane), Behind the Book Cover: Deaf Artists In America (Deborah Meranski), OVerview of National ASL Standards (Kim Brown & Jason Zinza), SMARTs & Forums - Using Technology (Rob Nielson)
Entertainment: Rathskellar Road Tour Performance, after-show Cast Party

February 15-17, 2007, Orlando
"FASLTA on the Rise..."
Workshops: Earth or Eyeth, Literature Opens Worlds (Alysse Rasmussen), Activities for HS Students (Tricia McCarthy), ACTFL Standards: An Introduction to the First C - "Communication" (Jason Zinza), ASLPI: What, Why, and for Whom? (Dr. Eddy Laird), Teaching & Learning in Groups (Tricial McCarthy), How Does L2 ASL Learner Acquire Non-Manual Signals? (Jennifer Briggs, Kimberly Kuhn), Creating & Delivery ASL Tests Using Web-based Technology (Bill Newell), Simple Bag of Tricks (Jer Loudenback), ASL Specialisty: Leadership for Classroom, School, Community (Dr. Eddy Laird), ASL Honor Society (Jason Zinza), Certification & Endorsement (Glenna Ashton)

February 16-19, 2006, Orlando
"PAH! Perfect ASL Hands!"
Workshops: 5 Days in ASL LIteracy Techniques (Camille Lorello), ADA Law: The Rights of Deaf Individuals (Rose Adams), ACTFL's 5 Cs (Jason Zinza), ASLTA Certification (Bill Newell), Classifiers: Why So Hard To Learn? (Patricia Lessard), Grades: Deserved or Given? (Babs Coulston), How many signs for "run"? (Kim Kuhns), Mind-Mapping (Marika Robinson), PAH! Is that Houw Deaf Move Their Mouth? (Jer Loudenback), Students With Special Needs (Lori Cimino), STUDENTS MY TEND-TO CHAT... (Lori Cimino), Successful Fundraising for Your ASL Club (Shawn Olmstead), Supplemental Activities in the ASL Classroom (Barbara Chaves), Traditional Approach vs. Communicative Approach (Jennifer Briggs)

February 18-20, 2005, Orlando
"Open Minds...Open Doors"
Workshops: ASLTA Certification (Glenna Ashton), Activities to use in your HS Classroom (Tricia McCarthy), Semantics (Trix Bruce), Mind Mapping & Re-tell Stories in ASL (Babs Coulston), Signscript: Implications for ASL Instruction (Don Grushkin), Poetry as a Plot Device (Alysse Rasmussen), Student CD Portfolios (Shawn Olmstead), Learning to Motivate Your ASL Students (Malia Johnson), How to Write Grants for ASL HS and College Classrooms (Robyn Marcak)
Entertainment: Trix Bruce: Who's ASL Line Is It Anyway?

January 16-18, 2004, Fort Lauderdale
"Trading Faces: Models of Excellence in Teaching"
ASLTA Certification Evaluation (Bill Newell), Increasing the Effectiveness of Teaching ASL (Dr. Jerone Schein), ASLTA: Our Rich History and Bright Future (Leslie Greer), A Sneak Peek at the ASL At Work Curriculum (Sam Holcomb, Bill Newell), Introduction to Japanese Sign Language: HOw it Feels to be a Second Language Learner (Leslie Greer), Distance Education Options for the Teacher/Mentor (Betti Bonni), Trade Goods: Good Trades (Alysse Rasmussen)

June 17-18, 2000 ASL Weekend, Orlando
Teacher by Trade Observations - Maureen Longo, Jeff Davis, Mike Ernest, Alysse Rasmussen (FASLTA members), Marianne Sasseen, Angela Roth, Marietta Patchin, Renee Jackson - teachers were observed while conducting immersion workshops for students by FASLTA participants.

October 23, 1999 FRID, Jacksonville
Curriculum Development - Glenna Ashton
Fingerspelling Teaching Methods - Babs Coulston
Material Resources - Alysse Rasmussen
special presentation by Concordia Programs on their picture books

September 25, 1999 MDCC-sponsored Workshop
ASL Linguistics - Jeff Davis
FASLTA Networking Social Host - Glenna Ashton

June 12, 1999 Coconut Creek
BCC Deafness collection - Debbie the Librarian
Internet Sites - Alysse Rasmussen
Using the Resources - Glenna Ashton
Group discussion moderator - Glenna Ashton

February 5-6, 1999 St. Augustine "Florida Past and Present" cancelled

October 2 -4, 1998
Keynote Speaker - Leslie Greer
Game Resources - Glenna Ashton
Metalinguistics - Leslie Greer
Teaching Classifiers - Betti Bonni
Second Language Teaching Methods - Alysse Rasmussen
ASLTA Certification - Glenna Ashton
Movie Night Out - "Beyond Silence"

May 9, 1998 Palm Bay - Spring Mini-Workshop
ASLTA Certification - Glenna Ashton
Basic Linguistics - Alysse Rasmussen
Classroom Activities - Mary Bramblett
Best Teaching Practices - Louise Moore

Jan, 2-4, 1998 FASLTA 10th Anniversary, Tampa
Hearing vs. Deaf ASL - Steve Collins
Deaf Trivia - Glenna Ashton
Keynote Presentation - Susan Mather
ASL Storytelling Techniques for Teachers - Pat Stivland
Teaching ASL to Deaf children - Mary Beth Miller
Space and Grammar in ASL - Mike Ernest
Grammatical Aspects of ASL - Keith Cagle
ASL Literacy - Susan Mather
What Every Teacher Needs to Know - Alysse Rasmussen
Do's and Don'ts in Teaching Second Language - Ann Reifel
Assessing Student's Expressive Skills - Kim Lucas Smith
Panel of Local Teachers Moderator - Babs Coulston

June 11-14, 1997   FAD, Daytona Beach
ASLTA, FASLTA, and Certification - Kim Smith and Glenna Ashton

Sept. 6-8, 1996 Ocoee
How to use the "Signing Naturally" materials - Betti Bonni
Hot Issues in ASL Teaching - Sam Holcomb
Deaf Culture: Our Way - Sam Holcomb
Drills in the Classroom - Sam Holcomb
Hearing & Deaf Cultures: A Comparative Study - Keith Cagle
ASLTA Certification - Keith Cagle
Movie - In the Land of the Deaf - Alysse Rasmussen

April 13, 1996 DeaFest, Tampa
"How to Become an ASL Teacher But Were Afraid to Try!" E. Lynn Jacobowitz

June 17, 1995 Workshop Clearwater (piggyback to FAD Convention)
Shareshop - all participants esp. Alysse Rasmussen
Jan. 12-14 , 1996 Jacksonville "The True Colors of ASL"
ASLTA - Isabelle Calvacca (replaced Lynn Jacobowitz due to snowstorms)
The Ultimate Knowledge-Based Product -You: Developing Qualities to Drive Your Own Career - Cindy Decker-Pickell
ASL Evaluation of Students - Isabelle Calvacca
Current Trends in Foreign Language: Education and Research - Mike Ernest

Jan. 20-22, 1995 Lakeland "Step by Step: Getting Closer to Certification"
ASLTA: The Organization and Certification - Bill Newell
Teaching ASL - Keith Cagle
ASL Facial Expression - Keith Cagle
ASL Wars - Keith Cagle
also 25 individual appointments with Bill Newell on certification concerns during meeting.

Nov. 19, 1994 Workshop - canceled

August 13, 1994 Workshop Daytona Beach(piggyback to FRID Conference)
Testing and NAD-ASLTA '94 Conference Report - Mike Ernest
Shareshop - Len Roberson, Alysse Rasmussen and participants

Jan. 28-30, 1994 Fort Lauderdale "Nuts and Bolts of Teaching ASL"
Curriculum and Testing Development - Debra Raynes
Building Your Own Tool Kit - Debra Raynes
Certification Issues - Alysse Rasmussen

May 21-23, 1993 Workshop - canceled

Jan. 8-9, 1993 Tampa
Non-Verbal Communication - Betti Bonni
Student/Teacher Expectations - Alysse Rasmussen
Contact Variations in ASL: Implications for ASL Instructors - Clayton Valli
How to Teach Affect in ASL (Emotion,Body Lang &Facial Expression) - Paula Sargent
How Do We Teach ASL Syntax to Students? - Mike Ernest
ASL Poetry - Clayton Valli

1992 - canceled

1991 - canceled

Nov. 9-10, 1990 Tampa
Methods and Goals of Foreign Language Teaching - Dr. Luz Paredes Loro
Classroom Activities and Fingerspelling in Beginning ASL Classes - Betti Bonni
The Dawn Sign Press "Signing Naturally" Curriculum - Cheri Smith
History of SIGN and the Importance of ASL to Deaf Culture - Keith Cagle

1988-1989 - no records

Additional workshop/conference listings to come...

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